Barbados Gem of the Caribbean Sea

It is no secret that when you think of Barbados, images come to mind of white sand beaches with stunning blue waters, sugar cane fields, delicious cuisine and some of the warmest people in the Caribbean – skies so blue that they can only be described as AZZURRO.

With cool northeast trade winds blowing, the weather in Barbados is warm and sunny all year round, with an average daytime high of 30℃ and over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, making Barbados the perfect tropical paradise to put your toes in the sand and relax.

Barbados is the most easterly Caribbean island. Surrounded by crystal clear and warm azure waters, it is the only coral island in the whole region and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! With a blend of West African and British cultures in Barbados, it has unique customs and a rich history that “Bajans” are proud to tell. Barbados is the one Caribbean island that has it all; contrasting beauty on every coast, a laid-back island vibe, shopping and vibrant night life – truly the “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”.

This is who we are!

Our island is rich in history and culture that is seen in our
architecture, celebrated in our festivals, and played in our sports. Barbados is known as the “Gem” of the Caribbean Sea and with its outstanding beauty and charm, one can easily see why!

Bajans, as locals are called, are very warm and friendly people, known for their spirituality. Whilst Christianity is the main religion, there are approximately 100 denominations on the island and some 300 churches! Barbados has a stable economy and investors in the country will benefit.

Bajans are often described as “charming” people, and if you were to ask them to share what Barbados is famous for, they would more than likely mention our living national hero Rihanna, our national dish, flying fish and Cou Cou, and our famous Crop Over festival!

About Azzurro Barbados

Your tropical fantasy living is more than a lifestyle, it has investment potential. Barbados has long been known as the playground for the “rich and famous”, with some of the world’s wealthiest individuals owning property on the island. Azzurro is only steps away from prestigious multi-million dollar estates, truly spectacular beaches, and is located in the heart of the “Platinum Coast” of Barbados, yet is offered at very competitive pricing.

We dare you to compare and see
our value for yourself!

Barbados’ visibility on the world stage just keeps growing, and along with this is the increasing popularity for condo and villa rentals in preference of hotel rooms. The rental market for Azzurro is certainly vibrant and if an owner wishes to, should offer a relatively stress-free rental opportunity.

Barbados welcomes foreign investment and offers tax free capital gains on real estate. Foreign funds used to purchase real estate, once registered with the Central Bank, will be available for repatriation. Our immigration policy for foreign home owners allows for extended hassle-free stays.